Our approach of all-round development forms a strong student-base spread across the world in leading organizations or in professional pursuits. Here is what few of our graduates have to say:

“ … It has shaped how I look at things in life and has helped me become strong-willed, confident and knowledgeable up to a great extent. … At GARODIA INTERNATIONAL, we were given a great deal of autonomy in both our coursework and our academic ideas. Teachers here follow the ideology that there is no right or wrong answer … I can say that the qualities I learned in the IB helped me immensely in university studies. I am now much more organized, logical, spontaneous and task oriented …”

Rashi Hirachand, IBDP batch 2011 (Pursued BBA in Marketing from NMIMS. Currently a Business Development Specialist, Direct i.)

“At Garodia International, one of the most memorable part was my personal connection with the teachers. Many of my teachers were willing to stay back after school or even meet us on weekends to clear doubts… By the time I left school, I had found not only good teachers but also great people …”

Chaitanya Patil, IBDP batch 2012 (Pursuing Veterinary Medicine, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, BRNO, Czech Republic)

“Garodia International was a turning point in Chaitanya’s life. The untiring efforts, support and commitment of the teachers-whether Maths or Drama-helped him blossom into what he is today.”

Ms. Anjali Patil, Parent of Chaitanya Patil, IBDP batch 2012, pursuing Veterinary Medicine at University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, BRNO, Czech Republic.

Other graduates include:

Shubha Easwaran, IBDP batch 2011, studying B.Pharm at Oriental College Pharmacy, Sanpada, Vashi

Ankit Datta, IBDP batch 2012  pursuing TYBA in Ruia College, Matunga.

IB students from the recent batch have secured admissions for studying Management, Engineering, Business, Economics and Film Studies in prestigious universities abroad: