At the Primary Level, we infuse the joy of discovery and exploration in students. With Cambridge Primary Curriculum at the core, teachers use diverse teaching experiences to provide a student-centered environment.

We inspire students to generate questions and help them find answers. Learning is not confined to traditional theories, but is supported and enriched by them. Teaching is conducted in a stimulating, structured environment where the highest premium is placed on discipline.

The following programs form an integral part of the curriculum:

Primary Curriculum

Subjects: English | Design and Technology| Maths | Art & Craft | Science | Music | Hindi | Thinking Skills | French/German | Speech & Drama | Social Science | Ballet | ICT | PSHE


Primary Checkpoint


Cambridge Primary Programme: Helps identify a learner’s strengths and weaknesses and supports learning and development. It prepares students for a smooth transition to Secondary 1 and beyond, and lends a framework to develop Mathematics, English and Science skills. An integrated approach balances the search for understanding and development of right attitudes and the opportunity for positive action.

AssessmentStudents are continuously assessed at every stage – prior to learning, during the process and at the end of each unit. Summative assessments at term-end helps evaluate every student’s achievements against standard benchmarks.

Primary result