Head of School’s Message

Welcome all parents and students to the new school year.

Education is a collaboration between teachers, parents and students for the holistic development of a child and to help them with a good grounding for their future education. We at GICL strive to foster the true spirit of education by inculcating the love for learning and providing the opportunities to explore, discover and to develop a shared community of diverse learners.
We have a great team of experienced teachers who strive towards providing meaningful learning experiences to enable the students to be able to apply and connect their learning with the real world. We provide a balance of academic and co curricular activities for the holistic development of a child.
We believe in the potential of each child and seek to provide them the best possible education.
Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.

In order to realize the school vision, GICL provides a seamless, articulated programme of study K-10 with a focus on international-mindedness.

Primary students study the core subjects of English, mathematics, science, and social studies.  In addition, they will have classes in:


Ballet/Martial Arts Arts & Crafts French/German
Physical Education ICT Hindi
Sports Music
Swimming Speech and Drama
Gymnastics Thinking Skills

Our Secondary 1, students will expand their core selection to include:

ICT Physical Education India Studies
French/German/Hindi Swimming Arts & Crafts

In Secondary 2, IGCSE, students have started to specialize in the subjects areas.  Students are offered choices from:

English Environmental Sciences
Math Accounting French/German/Hindi
Additional Math Business Studies Art and Design
Biology Economics
Chemistry Art and Design


Best wishes,

Monika Koradia

Head of School